Sunday, April 19, 2015


today 19.04.15..
its Sunday!!

Its a long week for me...
i lose a dear family member in a tragic incident...one of my old coworker lost her daughter in an accident and an old man that i know for years passed away yesterday....i still remember buying candy at his home shop..

i always want a quiet life.....
but after a family member gone just like that and i still remember what i talk to him the last time we meet....
it open my eye....you can't live your life dull...i promise myself to live life to the fullest...
i hope i can save some to go travel!!

This week Ahmad Maslan trends!!
every joke about him is hilarious!!

Friday, April 10, 2015


today 10.04.15..
its Friday!!

This Sunday...Game Of Throne Season 5 Starts!!

Valar Morghulis end last season and i just can't wait for the latest season!!

Yes Fast and Furious 7 is already out and some consider this was the best from the franchise...

Best fight scene with car trashed around 230and even they throw car down from a plane but all of that can't beat the ending where Brian and Toretto ride side by side and Brian choose another lane and drive to the sunset with the ending...For Paul

other than that...last week central comedy roast Justin Bieber...
the most memorable roast for me is when Justin Bieber is label as King Joffrey Of Pop...hahaha